Vintage Household Utensils That Will Save You Money

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2.Coal Fuel Iron

This iron uses charcoal to heat it’s metal base. It has a hollow interior to contain the smoldering coal to keep it hot. The handle is usually made out material that can be held without being burnt, while running the iron over clothes to make them wrinkle free.

3.Kerosene Lamps and Lanterns

A kerosene lamp may be hand held or set on a table. It is fueled by kerosene, and has a wick that is protected by a glass chimney or globe. Kerosene lamps may be used as a source of light for a prolonged period of time.

A kerosene stove would also be very useful during power outages.

4.Wood Burning Stoves and Ovens

A wood fired stove is fueled by wood. It is great for heating your home during winter, and can be used to prepare meals, or heat water for various purposes. They usually have a hot cooking surface. Wood fueled ovens are great for cooking too, and can also provide some heat for your home

5.Hand- Cranked Blender

A hand- cranked blender can be used anywhere. As it can be used without electricity. Most models can be attached to a counter or table. Then you add the ingredients and turn the handle work the magic.


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