Vintage Household Utensils That Will Save You Money

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Modern household utensils can make life seem easier. But on the other hand, when you start to think penny wise, you realise that you might be spending more. Vintage household utensils are hardly seen in modern homes these days. But if you would like to save some money, or be prepared for a power outage, having a few pieces of vintage household utensils can save the day in many ways. They can be very handy too if you like preparing great meals when camping. These 5 pieces will be very useful for the hobbyist, or the person who wants to save on electrical bills and be prepared for an emergency.

1.Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens have been around for a very long time. They can be used indoors, and are also perfect for your oudoor cooking adventures. And they work well on coal fires. The flavour you get from a meal prepared in a dutch oven is just is just not really possible to duplicate with our modern indoor cooking appliances.

Here are some recipe ideas that you can make with your dutch oven.


Cinnamon Rolls



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