7 Frugal Ways To Live Like The Amish

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If you are familiar with the Amish, you would know that these people lead a simple life and they are both directly and indirectly self- sufficient. It’s a group that set a great example for living a life with less, which gives them abundance in many ways.

Clever Money Saving Hacks From The Amish You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

You might not want to be totally Amish. But you will absolutely benefit from practicing a few of their frugal ways.


#1 Cook From Scratch

Cooking from scratch will help you to eat more naturally, and also save money. Instead of going out for dinner, and buying highly processed foods, learn to make your favourite meals.

Preparing meals at home can also be a fun way to spend time together as a family. It allows time for bonding and creates wonderful memories.

Also, learn to make staple household food items like bread.

You will have more control of what goes on your plate and into your body.

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  1. This is very well put together, and amazingly, I am doing pretty much everything you suggest. But then at three score and ten, I’ve learned a lot of homesteading and farming skills. Thank you for putting this together!

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