5 Clever Cleaning Tips From Grandma You Need To Know

cleaning, home tips, Uncategorized / Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

4. Getting rid of rust.

Combine lemon juice and borax to remove rust from porcelain and ceramics.

To remove rust from your stainless steel utensils and tools, use a fine grain sand paper to rub in a circular motion. Then rub with a slice of onion, and rinse with hot water.

Soak rusty screws and bolts in white vinegar for 24 hours to get them looking shiny and new again.

For your rusty pots and pans, damp object and cover rusty areas with baking soda. Leave for at least an hour. Then rub with a scouring pad until rust is gone.

Also, try taking a half of potato and cover with dish soap and use as a scouring pad. This will cause a chemical reaction to eliminate rust.

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