5 Clever Cleaning Tips From Grandma You Need To Know

cleaning, home tips, Uncategorized / Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

You would be surprised to know how easily you can get the hardest cleaning tasks done if only you knew a few tricks your Grandma used to get the same tasks done!

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Here are 5 clever cleaning hacks from Grandma that will make cleaning easier for you.

1. Cleaning glass, windows and mirrors.

To get your windows and mirrors looking shiny and smear free, use newspaper to scrub them after you have applied and removed your liquid cleaner of choice.

Use rubbing alcohol to remove sticky substances from your mirrors and windows.

Clean your cloudy glasses with white vinegar.

Make your own degreasing cleaner with warm water and white vinegar.

Use a blackboard eraser to eliminate stubborn streaks from windows and mirrors.

Dip half of a lemon in baking soda and use to wipe glass surfaces. Then rinse with water for a glistening finish.

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