Tuesday Thoughts

Uncategorized / Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

How has your week been going?

It’s so sad to hear about the shooting in Las Vegas. I live on a distant island, but my heart still aches.

Sending thoughts, hugs, love and prayer for all who are affected.

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11 Replies to “Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. It's such a tragedy what happened to the people in Las Vegas and their families who are filled with sorrow.

    I believe that when we see a rainbow, it is a gift. Thank you for the gift of the rainbow on your blog today, Summer.


  2. I'm sorry the tragic news has made it to your island. It is so sad the meanness we have here. It seems like every morning I wake up to some kind of bad news. Sometimes I feel like crawling under a rock but I have to keep going. Our Nation always comes back alive and we all stand together. I still believe there are more kind people in this world than mean people. You just never hear of it.

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