8 Easy & Beautiful Dollar Store Decor Ideas

decor, Uncategorized / Monday, October 2nd, 2017
Decorating on budget? Welcome to the club!
Here are 8 decor DIY projects you can do with materials from the store.
#1 Make cute boxes and vases using mirror squares.

#2 Create dessert trays with candlesticks, plates and bowls.

#3 Make a large tiled mirror with duct tape, glue and smaller framed mirrors.

#4 Use wine glasses as votives and top them off with DIY lampshades.

#5 Use inexpensive dollar store materials to make a DIY elegant faux silver pedestal bowl.

#6 Use dollar store bandanas to recover old pillows.

#7 Make a wreath using a laundry basket.

#8 Build a terrarium or mini- greenhouse with picture frames.

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