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Uncategorized / Friday, September 29th, 2017

Happy Friday 🙂 The past two weeks have been dedicated to business and work.
But hubby and I managed to fit in a little date night last night. We went for a drive out and ate lovely vegetarian food in Negril. It’s one of the main tourist areas in Jamaica, and is dubbed as the capital of casual. I had a Jamaican Patty, Ackee and Rasta Pasta.

 This morning started off with work. Then we went out to run some errands. I am taking the evening slow, and if the weather allows it, I will have supper outside tonight.

I will be getting some rest tomorrow. And going out in the evening with my nephews- a fun family outing 🙂 Negril or Montego Bay? Not sure as yet!

Next week should be a slower week.

How have you been doing? What are your weekend plans?

I enjoy reading about the big and simple things that you do.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


Photo of Xtabi Resort in Negril, Jamaica

7 Replies to “Weekend Notes”

  1. I will try to work more on my machine quilting for the libraries raffle quilt – I need to work hard on it all week. This weekend though I will also work on the sewing room it is almost ready to move back into – a little more work on the floor – back breaking work though and hubby's back is not as good as it used to be. Also well need to water what is left in the garden – no rain for almost a month now, things are drying up too much and burn bans have been put in place – no burning outside – that usually includes firepits so no sitting by a nice fire outside in the evening for fun

  2. What is Jamaican Patty, Ackee and Rasta Pasta? Would love to hear more! I spent most of today helping my step daughter get ready to host her first family dinner tomorrow night (for the Jewish High Holy Day, "Yom Kippur"), then I went to the grocery store, then I spent all of tonight cooking some side dishes to bring for her dinner tomorrow. I am EXHAUSTED!!!! Have a great weekend! catchatwithcarenandcody

  3. We are piddling around the cottage – no real plans for the weekend. I do need to go pick up a prescription that I ran out of day before yesterday. And I need to finish cleaning up the yard here at the cottage and mow the grass.

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