How To Love Yourself

Uncategorized / Monday, September 18th, 2017

Being hard on ourselves happens so easily. Before going to sleep at night, I used to spend minutes thinking about my day, and all the simple little things I wish I didn’t do. Then I started doing it another way. I now look at the lessons I have learnt, and not focus on the mistakes (which no one else notices at times). It makes it easier to love and be easier on myself. I also now make note of the things I did that I am proud of. And I find that I have been falling in love with myself šŸ™‚ It’s a good feeling.

Here are some more ways to be loving to yourself.

Whatever your goals are, don’t stop dreaming. I am a dreamer, and without my dreams I wouldn’t have much purpose in life. I like to make a list of my dreams/goals. Then I analyze and evaluate them.

Self Reflect
Carefully think about who you are. Notice the things you do, and why. It’s like getting to know and understand yourself better.

Feed Your Mind
Let’s put it this way. Your mind is your garden and it needs nurturing for growth. And you need to maintain it even after you start seeing growth. Your mind needs to be nurtured just like a garden, so positive thoughts and energy can flow. Read books, meditate and seek inspiration to feed your mind garden.

Be The Best You
It’s good to have a balance between going easy on yourself and sometimes stepping up things a notch. Improve what you can. I don’t focus on competing with others, I compete with who I was yesterday.

Be Honest With Yourself
Truly look at yourself for who you are. Admit what you are and aren’t good at. That’s the only way you will be the best you.

Don’t Be Too Judgemental
Understand that mistakes are a given. Forgive yourself, and give yourself permission to gradually improve and grow.

You Are Good Enough
Be happy with who you are, and don’t spend time seeking acceptance from others.

How are you doing?

Have a great week šŸ™‚


P.S. Where are you right now?
P.P.S. Don’t take yourself too seriously šŸ™‚ Everyone else is hanging in there too!

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