9 Things To Do For Yourself

Uncategorized / Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Mindful living is my thing. Well… Sort of 🙂 But sometimes life seems to get so busy that I hardly remember to take care of myself. And it is really true that you get back what you put in. Whenever I neglect myself for too long, I end up in a rut. I have a remedy for that though. It’s not only necessary to do things with others. It is also important to do things for and with yourself too. Here are some things that you will enjoy doing for yourself 🙂

Go to bed early– I like going to bed early, so I don’t have to use an alarm clock. And I wake up feeling well rested each morning.

Dress your best– It doesn’t matter if you are going to work, shopping or staying home. Wear nice clothes. It will make you feel good.

Have some unscheduled time– Having some time on your hands when you plan to do nothing is so freeing. Sometimes all we need to do is nothing.

Spend time in nature– The best therapy ever. I like to watch the birds, stargaze, admire the trees and go to the beach.

Set simple goals– Success makes us happy. Along with the bigger goals, set some simple ones too that you can quickly tick off your list and feel accomplished.

Buy yourself flowers– Do for yourself the things you would like someone else to do for you. It’s a good feeling when you know you are being kind to yourself.

Start a new project– There is magic in newness. Whether it’s writing, quilting, cooking or decorating. A new project gets us a little excited and gives us something to look forward to.

Schedule rest time– If we keep scheduling time for work, why not schedule some extra time for rest. Try sleeping in one morning for the week. It works wonders.

Smile at yourself– Be the first to show yourself some love and smile at yourself.


P.S. How To Love Yourself.

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