Holiday Entertaining Inspiration

Uncategorized / Monday, December 19th, 2016

It’s kind of cold outside! Happy Monday ♥


Well… Not really cold, as the sun is out. But it is very windy and some islanders are wearing sweaters☺ And I am getting a festive chill, feeling inspired and looking at entertaining ideas♥

Have a festive and peaceful week♥

17 Replies to “Holiday Entertaining Inspiration”

  1. I like this festive post. You say its chilly there and im wondering how chilly? We finally dipped into the low 30's here in North Carolina. We will deal with it through March then warm weather will return. I cant wait!

  2. I love the candle/cranberries and might steal that one! I have just enough cranberries left from TG for something but we're not having a cranberry sauce dinner so that's a good way to use up what I don't give the birds!

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