3 Ways To Bring Cozy To Your Dining Space

Uncategorized / Monday, December 5th, 2016

I have been doing some touching up here and there around my home lately. Yesterday, I cleaned and rearranged the kitchen (although I planned to have a restful weekend). But I rewarded myself by chilling and playing cards on the beach in the afternoon. 
It’s the beginning of a new week, and also the season of chilly and coziness. And I am planning on adding some cozy touches in the dining area this week. 

Here are three things that help to make a dining space cozy…
  1. Baskets- Wicker and straw are my favourites. 
  2. Pretty Lighting- Whether it’s coloured bulbs, or a cute lamp, pretty lighting helps to make a home cozy.
  3. Paintings And Wall Art- It’s amazing to see how a space can transform with beautiful painting  or wall art.

On a similar but kind of different note… Isn’t this dining room just so inviting and cozy? I’m in love!!!

If you would like, you can see photos of the entire house here
And on a cozy note… How do you make your dining space cozy?
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Happy Monday and have a great week ahead!

18 Replies to “3 Ways To Bring Cozy To Your Dining Space”

  1. One word, WOW. Stunning. I love your choice of décor, right up my street. I love the Christmas lights we have in our house at the moment, and to bring outside inside. We're decorating as we speak and have no wall art and very few accessories, but I need to find the right type of art, I don't want commercial stuff that everyone else has. By art I don't just mean paintings….

  2. Our dining area is quite small, but we always have a little something on the center of the table to cozy it up.

    I would LOVE to live in a house so grand. THAT dining room is spectacular!

  3. Beautiful, I like to use simple but natural things. Such as flowers,handmade items, or a special item I find on the ground.yet, the best thing is family, a friend, or neighborhood sitting at the table. That really makes it warm and inviting.

  4. That is such a beautiful dining room, filled with antique chairs, and such a welcoming table! We don't have a dining room in our current home, but a table in the middle of our kitchen. I add cozy by using antique French linens, candle light, and always fresh flowers, plants or fruits as a centerpiece.

  5. Well, I have a hutch with favorite tea cups and things that I love. Also, a good size farmhouse style table. It's a small dining area, but you're right, Summer. You can make any space cozy and welcoming. 🙂


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