Island Mystery:The Reveal… When?

Uncategorized / Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

So… I figured that you would like to know when I will be telling you which island I am living on, and I thought it would be lovely to do something fun when revealing my island paradise. My plans include a giveaway and two winners.

In case your are new to my blog… Island Mystery is a series in which I give you clues about the mysterious island paradise that I am living on.

On Nov 27th, 2016, I will be telling you which island I am living on. 
On that day, we will be saying goodbye to the island mystery series, and I will be taking you on a new, fun and exciting journey about lifestyle here on my island, and what this island girl gets up to from time to time. It will be like having your own paradise island tour guide♥
For the next couple of posts in this series, I will be giving you more clues and fun stories.

In other news… How gorgeous is this scene (photo above) from my Sunday walk♥

Happy Wednesday☺ 

P.S. Update: Someone asked about how to give the answer. So I thought it best to update this post. There will be a specific post on which I will ask you to give your answers☺

25 Replies to “Island Mystery:The Reveal… When?”

  1. Beautiful photo! I've tried to check every post but haven't commented each time. :/ Working on getting better. 🙂 Are supposed to guess or are you just going to tell us?

    I hope you have a blessed week!

    1. Hi Pat ♥ There will be a post on which I will ask for the answer. Thanks for your all your visits and comments here. And I do enjoy visiting your lovely blog too ♥

  2. ahhh your morning walk brought such a lashing and joyful colors to eyes dear .
    my heart floats when i look at this one of the most beautiful capture .
    green colors of your mysterious island are magical
    really want to know more about this amazing piece of land

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