Island Mystery: Children’s Playtime

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Island Mystery is a series in which I give you clues about the mysterious island paradise that I am living on.

Children’s playtime is encouraged on this island. These days, children’s play time is more defined by video games and screen time. But children still do a lot of playing outside.
When I was a little girl, we looked forward to the weekends (holidays too). That is the time when we would get our ‘free paper.’ All the chores would get done early and we would have time to play with friends.

Children are even allowed to go to the river with friends to splash around and play.

Games like Hopscotch, Chinese Skip, Hide and Seek and Bat and Ball were games we usually played. Sometimes, parents would come out and watch too, and it would all be fun. Or maybe too much fun.
Most times, I had too much fun on the weekends! I would end up being so tired and restless, and dream about all the games, and sometimes sleep walk too. Let’s just say I enjoyed my childhood♥
As an adult, I carry on the fun by getting outside and playing games, especially with my nephews  and niece when we gather as a family☺
What games do children play in your area?

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  1. After my neighbors with the four kids moved to a bigger house in a different neighborhood I don't see lots of kids around here. But when the Robinsons lived nearby, Dad Will was always playing ball and other games with them in the street. They loved their scooters and bikes and chalk drawing on the sidewalks. I miss them. The new neighbor's kids play in the back yard, certainly safer if not as supervised, but not as much fun for us to see!

  2. Oh how I wish the kids still played like this around where I live. The kids here stay inside hooked on video games. So sad.
    However, I do see the neighbors kids in the yard playing often. They play Frisbee, football, and basketball. odd sight.

  3. Bike Riding, Swinging and Hiking along the irrigation ditches…hunting for treasures. But with that being said, my girls have tough school and dance schedules…not much time for anything else.

  4. The kids don't play out in our area like we did as kids but they have their own basketball hoops in their drive ways and they tend to do that a lot, they like skate boarding too. I still think we had more fun as kids, our parents would have to yell for us to come in from playing outside 🙂

  5. That's an interesting series, Summer! Kids in out area play basket ball, lawn tennis, soccer. Now that's its raining from past month kids are getting bored and have to stay home watching TV.

  6. Most of the play for kids in my area involves organized sports and activities. Not a lot of free play, the way I had it as a child. We would play outside until the street lights came on and then beg to stay out for a little while and play some more. We played kickball, freeze tag, and rode bikes everywhere.

  7. I always played outside when I was a child, except when it rained of course. Unfortunately kids can't play outside as we could, there has always to be an adult to survey them. The world has become dangerous for children !

  8. I found myself very lucky due to the childhood that i spent in a village or call it valley because it was surrounded by lashing green hills upon which I ran up and down with cheerful songs and friends .swum in the stream flowing beside the hills and swinging along trees ahhh these memories are treasure which are beyond prices .
    Your capturing is enchanting dear .enjoyed your writing so much

  9. When I was growing up, I remember all the neighbor kids building dirt forts in the fields behind my house. We had so much fun, and came in when mom called us for dinner. Now, the kids mostly play sports here when they're outdoors. And some like to skateboard.


  10. my own kids growing up in 70's and 80's and on – played outdoors – we had an acre and they had good friends to play with right down the road – they got into everything and played wildly – almost like we were on an island away from everything. Sadly i don't see any kids around here playing outside. I haven't in several years. My grandkids – two of them live in Bend and when we visit we see them all outside at a park that is called compass park which has houses surrounding it – it's a meeting place for all the kids – they have a wonderful life there and I'm so glad. Other grandkids of mine do also but they don't live in California – some in Washington some in Montana.

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