Island Mystery: Town Goats

Uncategorized / Monday, October 31st, 2016

{Island Mystery is a series in which I give you clues about the mysterious island paradise that I am living on.}

There are a lot of goats on this island. You will find them on farms, and also in town areas.

I always find it amazing to see how these town goats operate. They will eat almost anything… Even paper! They are in front of banks, supermarkets, meat shops… They are just like regular visitors (sometimes residents) of the town.
Sometimes, they will be accompanied by guard dogs. Yes! Dogs that come from the same home and follow them around, making sure the goats are safe.
A few weeks ago, while taking an early morning stroll with my niece and Charlotte, a herd decided to follow us around. What made it scary was that those goats had a couple of guard dogs walking with them. And the dogs wanted to attack my sweet Charlotte!
Luckily, a gentleman realized what was happening and warded off the goats and their guards☺
Are there animals walking around in your town, and sometimes taking up parking space too?
Happy Monday☺ And I hope you enjoy whatever you get up to doing today, and do have a great week ahead♥

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  1. Where I live it can be like Wild Kingdom sometimes. It's funny though because the animals are creatures of habit, and I can predict when I will see them. We used to have a lot of deer until Hurricane Sandy. Then they disappeared, but the foxes moved in. We have black bears too – and skunks. But nobody wants to see those.

  2. sometimes living here in the country you do see animals but not a lot. We have stray dogs that wonder the roads and they are not always nice animals, we see deer and little animals like opossums and skunks. Always see cats running wild and sometimes a fox or coyote but not real often – I do not see goats wandering around here though – one of my nieces raises goats but she keeps them all on her land.

  3. We have deer that eat the garden, bear that eat the apples and cherries, and coyotes that eat the neighbours chickens. All our domesticate animals are kept contained. Thanks for sharing, interesting snapshot of your life.

  4. Oh my goodness I can't imagine that, never heard of them having guard dogs either that is just amazing, that would be a very scary situation. I heard on the news the other night that they are good at eating poison ivy and oak. No we don't have anything but dogs walking around our area.

  5. in this area, goats are kept behind fences on farms or ranches. my favorite "wild" animal are deer, we have a lot of them but they group more in parks and wooded areas!!!

  6. Summer, I do not think it's Jamaica…because I saw cow doing the roadside weeding when I was there. I know they also have lots of chickens. I do not remember seeing any goats on the islands I have visited. Goats are good for keeping the weeds down. :):) Blessings to you, hope your week goes well. xoxo, Susie

  7. Crazy Goats…wow…Here in the valley, we have a fair share of coyotes and wild cats. Mixed with skunks and raccoons. Then there are the Sandhill Cranes (they like to eat my pond fish) and ravens and sweet doves. In the foothills of the mountain it's scary with bears and mountain lions and snakes…oh my. 🙂

  8. The only animals we see wondering around is occasionally a fox or deer. Dogs have to be leashed at all times. I never knew about guard dogs for goats. Interesting.

  9. That's scary! That's why I don't take my dog out for walks very often–too many dogs running around unleashed, even in neighborhoods. We do have goats near us, believe it or not–and lots of cows. We're in an area where subdivisions have been built alongside farms, so there's a mix on our peninsula!

  10. What a interesting story of where you live. That's sounds a bit scary, I'm glad the man was there to help you. We have lots of birds flying around everywhere but not really any animals wandering around.

  11. Hi Summer, wow goats walking around with guard dogs is very interesting to imagine. We don't see that here at all. People walk with their dogs but they have to be on a leash. Sometime you will see a wild animal about like a coyote, fox or bobcat, but we definitely stay away from them as they can be dangerous. We have goats, cows and horse grazing on the farms around us, but they do not roam freely.
    Thanks for sharing. This was fun to learn.
    Have a great week. xo

  12. Goats eat anything…you are spot-on about THAT 🙂
    The ones with the horns can be quite a nuisance, I was once butted in the rear by one, and I'll never forget it.
    Baby goats, however are the cutest of creatures.

  13. We recently moved to a new city. In our old town, there were feral chickens. They roamed around freely and didn't make too much problem until Mr. Fluffy decided to attack the postmistress. That did NOT go well for him.

  14. For living in the city, we see quite a bit of wildlife. We had foxes living next door, lots of raccoons, the occasional dear and coyotes. I love hearing owls hooting at night. But no goats 🙂 Have a terrific week!

  15. They should spay and neuter the goats so that they don't over populate and have to be killed off if they become a hazard to people…. sometimes that happens. You should tell the Island council and get the ball rolling on that!

  16. We have a place that is called "Goats on the Roof" It is a store and they actually do have goats on the roof. It sure brings in the tourists. However, we do not have goats…we have bears. We live next to a forest preserve. We also have lots of deer, turkeys, squirrels and various other ground animals. The goat photo is outstanding.
    Happy Blue Monday Sunmmer

  17. I do love goats and have been thinking how nice it would be to have some. So glad the dog situation was taken care of for you!
    Sorry about the earlier deleted comment; I was accidentally logged in wrongly :/

  18. thanks for such a sweet sharing dear .your words reminded me the incident when in my teens on the way to school [on the hill] a buffalo started ran after us [me and fellow girls ]and we started ruining and shouted until we ran upward to the hill and got over the rock .since then i feel little scary when see a buffalo

  19. Sounds challenging! We have dogs that roam around free in our town. Mostly this is okay, but there are occasionally dogs that are aggressive, especially to other dogs. We also have wild animals that are potentially more scary, bears and moose. Your island sounds wonderful though!

  20. Leo saw the goat and now he wants a goat, I said where would he keep it, he said here at my place I said no bloody way I am picking up goat shit that made him laugh now he is playing with my Tassie Devil and Wombat (stuffed toys) they sit on top of my telly.

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