Island Mystery: The Scare

Uncategorized / Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

{Island Mystery is a series in which I give you clues about the mysterious island paradise that I am living on.}

Most islanders believe in the supernatural. They are of belief that unearthly things happen a lot, especially at nights.

If you have been reading this Island Mystery Column over the past few weeks, you would have realized by now that I had quite an adventurous childhood ☺. I think you are figuring out where I might be going with this supernatural thing by now…
Well… On a trip to the United States Of America, one of my sister’s bought and brought home the popular costume (mask and outfit) from ‘Scary Movie.’ 
We decided to give a neighbour a real supernatural experience! 
As usual, I was the mascot! Well.. In that case, the ghost. One dark night, I dressed up in the costume, and hid in some bushes with my siblings nearby. When the gentleman reached close to where I was hiding, I stepped out in front of him!
Man! He did scream and run for his life! He got quite the scare. It was a good laugh for us, and we never heard anything about that night from him. Seems like he really thought I was one of those ghosts in the many stories they tell on this island☺

Happy Wednesday!


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