Island Mystery: Paradise Seasons

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{Island Mystery is a series in which I give you clues about the mysterious island paradise that I am living on.}

My friend Sheri, from Red Rose Alley asked if it is Autumn where I am living. So I thought I would do a post in this series about the seasons here.

From my observations, it is widely believed that the seasons do not change on a tropical island. But it really does not happen like that. This island has a tropical marine climate, and two main seasons: the Winter season and the Summer season (rainy season and dry season). But changes can be seen in this almost never ending sunny tropical bliss.
Winter Season (autumn and winter months)
We are now in the Autumnal part of the Winter season. More leaves shedding than usual, and now is the time when we have harvest celebrations. The difference with Autumn here is that the nights are cool and the evenings are early. The days are still sunny, but even if we didn’t get much rainfall in Summer, Autumn never disappoints. We have leaves falling from trees all year round, and green leaves on trees almost all year round. Some trees tend to shed their leaves more than others at this time of year though. But these months are still beach trip and picnic friendly. 
It starts to get more like Winter in December. There is just a little chill, but enough to make you shiver. It is especially cold at nights, but the sun is still bright and yellow on most days. We experience a couple of gloomy days in the mix too. But no snow at all, and you can wear the same thing you would in Summer.
Summer Season (spring and summer months)
Spring here is very much like Summer. During Spring, most islanders almost always say, “It’s already so hot. Just image what Summer will be like this year then!” It is a beautiful season, when we start to look out for most annual fruits.
Summer is the season when we harvest a lot of mangoes, breadfruits and pears. The months are quite humid, but waterfalls, rivers and beach trips make up for that. Also, in Summer, we are always looking out for hurricanes, floods and storms. But we rarely get any of those on this beautiful piece of Paradise.
This island has fabulous weather almost all year round, and you can definitely see the changes in the seasons. To date, I still can’t choose a favourite season. I love the chill that the cooler months bring. But what is not love about Summer nights on the veranda with a glass of cold chocolate in hand?
Hope you have a beautiful day☺
Happy Wednesday!

16 Replies to “Island Mystery: Paradise Seasons”

  1. I'm so glad to hear that you do experience the changes of the season…I would think the light would change too and the positions of the sunrises and sunsets…your beach photos look so lovely. Waterfalls say Jamaica for me…if you mention akee as a food you love, then I'll know for sure…I think. Enjoy your lovely island, Summer. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a wonderful paradise! I would love a winter without snow too.. we got alot here in central Oregon. I still can't guess where you are.. there are SO MANY islands everywhere.. but I would think it's somewhere in line (south of course) with the Pacific NW states. When will we find out???? 🙂

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