Island Mystery: The Land Of Frogs

Uncategorized / Monday, October 24th, 2016

{Island Mystery is a series in which I give you clues about the mysterious island paradise that I am living on.}
There are over twenty endemic species of frogs on this island. But we mostly see the ones that are dark brown. They are almost everywhere, and islanders believe that they can spray you with an acidic liquid from their mouths. 

That really is a myth, but you can’t convince islanders that it isn’t true. 
I even happened upon one during a hotel stay one night! I was minding my own business and on my way to the dining room. Then there he was in my way, and not allowing me to pass. Well… At the time, I believed the myth, so I was too scared to get that close to him.
These frogs are very presumptuous! They will try to get into houses and take up residence if they can. You will even open your front door, and one will greet you on the porch or step. And they are always trying to get inside. But with islanders believing the myth about them being able to spray water, seeing a frog in close proximity is hardly ever taken lightly!

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  1. every now and then I find a frog or lizard in the house – usually they have come in when I had the door opened too long when going out on the porch, a couple times in the fall if I had plants outside that I bring inside out of the cold they come in with the plant – usually they are easy to catch and put back outside. I never heard of frogs spraying you

  2. Poor frogs, condemned due to myths and superstition. Although there are a few varieties of frogs native to where I live, the common green frog is the one who lives in our pond. I've picked them up before and they're pretty docile, not harmful at all.
    We have a superstition that handling toads will give you warts – not true either. 🙂
    Have a good week!

  3. Interesting legends about the frogs there! We have many types here in WA state including tree frogs that love my porch lights for bug hunting at night! I like to hear their croaking….Hope your week is lovely. xx Karen

  4. Yikes…I'd be freaked out seeing a frog on the front steps…I'm not fond of reptiles and amphibians of any kind…even though most are harmless. We have lizards here and I'm always hopping and yelping and trying to get out of their way….I know…lame. 🙂

  5. You have a lot of frogs in your area, and I have a lot of squirrels in the trees at my new home. I love taking pictures of them, but are a big afraid of them too. So, are you going to tell us what mysterious island paradise you are living on?


  6. I associate frogs with two island-paradise places: the charming little chirping Coquí of Puerto Rico, and the frogs that come out in droves at night on Molokai. The latter I 'met' when on a Hawaiian holiday with my family when I was just out of high school, and they were so numerous that we could barely walk on the paths around the place where we were staying after dusk without stepping on any—quite an adventure! The former I've enjoyed listening to after dark, but not seen, in my one short time staying in PR.

    As for poisons, of course there are arrow-poison frogs that are quite deadly, but I don't think any of them "spray" anything; it's in their skin. I did, however, know a neighborhood dog in my youth who bit a toad and got some of its skin toxin in his mouth, and ran around foaming for a while until the nasty stuff dissipated. Thankfully, the dog learned his lesson before he got too much of the toxin in his system, and I'm pretty certain he never tried *that* again! 😉

    Truth be told, I'm guessing that there are tons of lovely tropical islands that are home to frogs, so I'm still unable to guess your exact location. But I'm enjoying the puzzle all the same! 🙂


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