Meet Charlotte ♥

Uncategorized / Thursday, September 8th, 2016

This is my beloved Charlotte. She is my precious little girl.

She lights up my world and fills it with love… Just looking at her makes me smile.
We go through a lot together! Both highs and lows ☺ But she never leaves my side.
She is like human to me and she thinks she is human too!
Isn’t she a sweet little doggie?
Have a wonderful day!
Charlotte & Summer
P.S. I enjoyed reading about your pets here yesterday♥

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  1. Hello Charlotte and Summer! Nice meeting you! Thanks for visiting Art @ Home. I appreciate your comments, too! I have two little Westie lovebugs, Mustang Sally and her son, Finlay. They are the bosses in our home! My oldest daughter also has a Sheltie mix named Lily Potter. Charlotte is such a pretty dog!


  2. Those warm eyes and lovely red and blonde hair–your Charlotte is a beauty! I love pictures of dogs with the tongue out. My mom always called it "laughing" when our old laborador posed with that mouth. 🙂

  3. Charlotte is just beautiful!! I have a Lily (my old girl, whom I adore) and my baby, Daisy, who is Lily's daughter and a little punk (but also loved to bits and pieces!!!) I can't imagine my life without my little furbabies – aren't we blessed?

  4. I agree with Olga… your photos are lovely. There are probably "proper" terms for the great lighting… composition etc but the overall effect is just terrific photos. And there is nothing like the companionship of a dog.

  5. yes, she is just beautiful…and has the most gorgeous, brown eyes…
    we have 2 dogs around here…a Lab and a Great Dane…it's amazing how attached one can become to these beautiful animals…

  6. Charlotte is very cute, and our pets are our family. I'm wondering
    if Charlotte could perhaps give our Milo some ideas about using manners?
    lol….Milo doesn't seem to have any. lol

  7. Charlotte looks so amiable and easy to talk to: two of the Very Best Qualities one wants in a Friend.

    Sadly, she would still be persona non grata here at the Dept. of Nance, thanks to the two resident cats, Piper and Marlowe.

  8. She looks like a very nice dog–and happy too. How old is she? It looks like the fur around her mouth is graying. Our dog Ginger's fur has grayed/whitened there too–she's 13 years old. We love her dearly.

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