Island Mystery: River Creatures

Uncategorized / Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

{Island Mystery is a series in which I give you clues about the mysterious island paradise that I am living on.}
We have miles of beautiful rivers on this island. They are used for water supply, rafting, fishing and many more activities. And crabs live on the banks of most of these rivers.
Also, there are a lot of folktales about rivers here on the island. Mostly of mermaids and other water creatures. 
One night when I was in my teens, I decided to follow some friends and family to catch crabs.
I was just in it for the adventure. I didn’t plan to go into the water and I do not eat crabs. I was also told that no one would need to go into the water, as the crabs would be on the riverbank, and that is where we would be walking.
We journeyed until we got to a point where the riverbank was just too bushy to walk on any further. It was necessary at that point to cross the river. A gentleman offered to carry me across the water. 
I didn’t have successful swimming classes before that night. And I didn’t make that really clear to the gentleman.
Onto his back I jumped, and he started going across the deep dark river. Then suddenly, I felt the man tumbling over and I lost my grip of him! The poor guy tumbled over a tree lying in the water, which he thought was a creature from a folktale! 
He swam to safety and left me in the middle of the dark river (about 7 feet deep, and me 5′ 1″ ), almost in the middle of the night, screaming louder than an opera performer can sing.  
While my sister yelled for someone to help me, everybody else was confused because it looked like I could swim.
Ever heard of a non- swimmer swimming backstroke? That’s exactly what happened!!! Don’t ask me how! It was the first time in my life that I have ever swam successfully, and it happened backstroke style! Yup… Right back to safety- screaming, kicking and scared out of my wits☺
Happy Wednesday♥♥

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  1. Cute story. I cant swim either but I can float on my back and kick my way to land. Is that a back stroke? Haha. I can also dog paddle a little. In panic mode, id probably drown. Glad you got out safe.

  2. Wow! I have that in common with you! I never learned to swim even though we had an in-ground pool for many years. I thought I was drowning in 4 feet of water one time when our kids were little, so ever since then have not liked water! LOL I don't know where you live, but certainly looks like Paradise to me!

  3. Your living area sounds so beautiful.. Definitely a paradise… Can't swim either.. Can kick around enough to stay a float, but , if I got scared I would definitely drown..ha Enjoying your blog and really curious , where you

  4. oh good grief!
    what a frightening experience!!!
    and since you went into the backstroke i'm glad you were going TOWARD shore!
    and i'm thinking because of the many rivers clue… you're in western samoa? 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness sweet friend ! I'm so glad you made it by the Grace of God. HE makes it all possible, as he has my dear family like you say.
    I'm good about swimming under water somehow; but not good in the surface… who knows.
    I hope you're not afraid of the water now.

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