Falling In Love

Uncategorized / Monday, September 12th, 2016

Hey there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend♥
My picnic got rained out. But I still went for a little beach walk after the rain.
On a different note… Aren’t these wreaths and quilts pretty? 
I am in love with them all. But that Fall Grass Floral Wreath has secured a special place in my heart♥ I have fallen in love… No pun intended here! Well… Maybe♥♥
Liking any? Which one?
Have a great week ahead!

Find them here on Etsy: 1, 2, 3, 4.

28 Replies to “Falling In Love”

  1. Happy Fall and thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment. I like the one in the upper right corner. I just like the simplistic style of it. Everything is lovely though. xo Diana

  2. Bummer on the picnic but I think you've found enough pretty to make up for the rain.

    My Southern Exposure workshops begin soon and I can hardly wait! I can't remember which arrangements I signed up to learn!

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