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Sometimes we have to ditch the itinerary when preparing to host a gathering. Especially when their isn’t much time left to do all I had planned to do, I always prefer to go with simple. So here are some tips I like to remember when pressed for time and hosting:

Use recipes that I am sure I can handle or have tried and tested before. This way, I am sure I will be able to put delightful food on the table. And not have to look at other options at the last minute.

If there is something already prepared in my refrigerator, I will add it to the menu. Using food that is already cooked reduces the amount of food I need to prepare.

Put flowers on the table and play some nice music. That will add the magic!

What tips do you have to share? I would really love to hearβ™₯

I hope you have the most wonderful day ☺


P.S. Do You Single Task?

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  1. Hi,
    I enjoy entertaining and do some of the same things. I think making things ahead of time is critical to enjoying your own part. Your table looks lovely.

  2. Hi Summer,
    I agree that cooking foods you know is key. I do crazy things like trying a dish for the first time though and so far I've been lucky, lol. Flowers and music make a party! Great post πŸ™‚

  3. I agree too, choose some things that can be made in advance, prepare dishes that you know, reading recipes and figuring out new things takes time and adds to the stress. A pretty table, small vases of flowers, nothing too tall that obstructs one person from seeing another across the table, music, and lay the table well in advance, another thing that is then done and out of the way.

  4. Great ideas and I think a philosophy like this makes inviting others for a meal less of a big deal. Your guests feel at home when it's simple too. Also enjoyed your single tasking post, coming from the ultimate multi tasker (and not proud of it!)

  5. Great ideas! I once attended a hospitality class at my church. The teacher (ministers wife and you know they have to host all the time) suggested having people over at night when you can't see all the sins in your house. Dim the light and light the candles. πŸ™‚

  6. Great ideas when hosting a get together or party. I always try to prepare as much ahead of time as possible so I can enjoy our guests. Using tried and true recipes is such a good idea.
    Mary Alice

  7. Pre prepping and made ahead dishes are key. I always use my tried and true recipes. Never serve anything I haven't made before. I try to make recipes that use different cooking methods, ie. cooktop, stove, room temp and refrigerator one. It helps even things out.

  8. I don't "host" very often.. I did when I was younger and now I don't like doing it any more. It stresses me out too much! If friends or a couple of my family members, I still get a little stressed. I try to set the table (and I do like a pretty table) in the morning first thing.. pretty tablecloth, doilies, candles and cloth napkins. I get out the bowls and platters I want to use and some big spoons. I try to cook ahead, or plan something very easy and that I've made alot.. a one dish meal that I can pop in the oven or crockpot is what I like best! And I usually make a dessert the day before. But at the last minute? they get what they get! It may be toasted cheese sandwiches and a thrown together fruit salad! A great quick dessert is graham crackers layered with whipped cream… let them sit and get a little soggy for about 10 minutes, and then dig in. I try to keep the grahams on hand all the time and some whipping cream, either the kind you whip up yourself or the Cool Whip type (not as healthy). And I agree with the evening gatherings….. low lights and candles and they can't see the dust.

  9. I like to keep a journal especially for major holidays. I write down what was on the menu and even how I decorated. I may try to add some pics to it when I remember to take a picture.

  10. My biggest spur of the moment was inviting four others to Thanksgiving Day on TG morning — when Rick had been in the hospital with a head injury from a bike accident (and just released) and I think I still had a broken rib! With no time to prep (we did have a turkey breast, potatoes and stuffing materials at home), I couldn't stress. We made the food stretch, I threw together a centerpiece from art/craft supplies and decorating bits in the basement and hauled up the turkey plates and mom's crystal. It was the nicest TG I've ever had.

    I truly believe that it is the people that make the day. The warmth, the love, the welcome. For once I had no party favors or fabulous parting gifts. But I had a lot of love.

  11. Such a fun table – I have a tip on what NOT to do…prepare/serve a dish that you've never done before…always my downfall…I just never seem to learn this basic Entertaining 101 Rule…Oh, here's another…don't stress about the party…the guests want to spend time with you, not check out the house and the meal…Happy Labor Day and Almost Fall! πŸ™‚

  12. Summer, I love your festive party table. Using recipes that I've tried before is usually a must on my list. I love all your ideas, I would add to that list, Candles! Candles add a relaxing mood and make everything smell
    wonderful! Happy Entertaining!!
    Hugs, Jody

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