Blogging: When You Don’t Know What To Say

Uncategorized / Monday, September 12th, 2016

I think it is nothing unusual for most bloggers to run out of inspiration. It is normal to not know what to say.

But even when you think you have run out of inspiration or ideas for blog posts, there is maybe a lot to write about… You just don’t realize. 
Sometimes we search and look too far for ideas. When all we need to do is just write… Yes, just right something. You never know how that posts may turn out!
Thoughts? How do you deal with a lack of blogging inspiration?
Happy Monday!

8 Replies to “Blogging: When You Don’t Know What To Say”

  1. I do as Karen does… just pick a pretty photo to post and then the words usually come. Or I may just do a wordy post as if I'm writing a letter to my sister.. and then usually something pops into my head to post, either a photo (or several) or a quote or something. I don't think we always need long wordy blog posts, which I tend to do and am trying to get away from that. Short and sweet is something I like!

  2. I've rarely run out of anything to say — I tend to not post more than two times a week and sometimes I have eight or nine drafts waiting to be polished. It seems like there's always something. Since Marmelade Gypsy is not a specifically themed blog, I always seem to have travel, art, books, cooking, decorating/holidays, and real life in the queue, not to mention too many photos! If I feel I've been away too long, I might post a photo or two. Someday the well will run dry… but hopefully not for a long while!

    Meanwhile, thanks for popping by my Martha's Vineyard posts! I always appreciate your comments!

  3. Well, the girls used to post more often and that gave me a little break to come up with new things to post about, but they're so busy these days, that they only post once in awhile now. However, Jess will post about her honeymoon in Victoria real soon. But I get what you're saying, Summer, we just need to write. Bloggers are so creative in my opinion. πŸ™‚


    But I have to say that I love your posts. They are simple and filled with beauty, two things which I appreciate. Not too much talking and not too many pics. Just right, my friend. πŸ™‚

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