Blogging… Let It Evolve

Uncategorized / Sunday, September 4th, 2016

I would prefer to know from the get go of blogging what exactly I will and won’t write about. But I have realized that it doesn’t really work out when I approach blogging like that. Feeling limited and burnt out happens very easily that way.
I prefer to let my content and niche gradually grow. Here are two tips I have to share on the matter:
  • Blogging is an art… And just like with any other artistic pursuits, it is simply best to allow yourself to grow.
  • Don’t always stay in a box with what you choose to write about. 
  • Planning is important… But change things up if you so desire and let your blogging evolve with time.
Happy Blogging and lots of hugs!

9 Replies to “Blogging… Let It Evolve”

  1. When I started the Marmelade Gypsy I thought it would be an art blog. And sometimes it is. And home, decorating, crafts, travel, food and wine… Life evolves — and our blogs with it!

  2. I agree, dear Summer. When I started blogging 4 years ago I never imagined I would be sharing recipes, sewing tutorials, hosting an ever-growing tea cup and mug exchange, writing book reviews, and meeting precious friends. Yes, blogging definitely evolves and to me it only gets better for each person {{smiles}}

  3. I try to plan a post but usually it never happens! It may just strike me one day to share something, so I get right to it, take the photos and share it.. and that's that. I blog with how I'm feeling that particular day! I have a list of posts I'd like to do, but it's very seldom that I go to that list.. and it may be a year before I actually post something from my list! It's pretty much an emotional thing for me (blogging).

  4. Summer, we usually post about positive things, but every now and then, I'll do a post about "my thoughts." And it's nice to know that my blog friends understand and love me just the same. You're the first person that I heard to say that blogging is an art……I think so too. 🙂


  5. I came by to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to comment on mine. You have an absolutely beautiful website!

    The beauty of blogging is that you can make it your own. There is no right way and no wrong way. It's a unique expression of a unique individual. Each person's blog is like a gift to the world, full of surprises and delights for its readers. I learn so much from reading other people's blogs.

    I started my first blog about 10 years ago and have had several since, each one based on my various interests. Even with that kind of framework you're right, there is much freedom to evolve as a blogger and as a person. And the community it creates is priceless! I say, blog on!

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