My Two Cents On Blogging

Uncategorized / Sunday, August 28th, 2016

Aloha! How is your Sunday going?

Today I thought I would share two tips on blogging…

  • Write about what you love- If you want to frequently be inspired to create a post, let your blog be about what makes you feel good. It is very easy to feel drained. So writing about things that I feel passionate about, usually makes me anxious to create my next post. And I feel good after creating the post too!
  • Write as if you are talking to a friend- When I do this, it is so easy to find words and ideas and be myself too. After all… My readers are my friends♥

What tips would you like to share on writing a blog?


Maybe you will like to see this!

Have a wonderful Sunday♥


Photo of Ritz Cafe 

33 Replies to “My Two Cents On Blogging”

  1. I've learned over the years not to cram too much info or photos into one post. Most folks are rushed for time. This is a gorgeous photo. Hope you have a nice afternoon.

  2. I've always just tried to "tell it like it is." The pretty, the messy, the exciting, the chaos, etc. It's like a woven tapestry of my life when you string it all together. I so love when some part of it relates to others- it's like the "me too," club and it feels good to know I'm not alone.

  3. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on ~ My little old world ~, I sincerely appreciate it so much !
    Your blog is simply wonderful, thank you for what you share !
    Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday

    Xx Daniela

  4. I like to write about things that are beautiful or inspiring. There are times when I have written posts about things that upset me or make me angry, but I end up not posting them!
    I think of my readers as my friends, they are all so nice, I wish I could meet them, you know, people like YOU! 🙂

  5. Great advice here – there's nothing worse than forcing yourself to write about something you don't feel passionate about and if it's nice and friendly too, the better for it! Love the shot with this post too, so pretty. Thank you for your incredibly kind words on my last post as well! – Tasha

  6. I agree with Mildred's comment about keeping your comments to a reasonable length. Get to the point, say what you want to say, but keep it from going on and on. Time is precious these days, and even the best of bloggers can go on a bit.

    Breaking up the space is also helpful. Put each idea into a new paragraph by double spacing between them. It looks visually more pleasing and is easier to read.

    Your blog is beautiful, Summer. I hope to see some ideas I can use in my home. Thank you!

  7. I like your tips my friend, mine is to be yourself and be honest. You don't have to tell every detail of your life but share what you can, it makes people feel closer to you.

  8. Wonderful advice! Yes, if the subject is something you love you will get pleasure from it and there is much satisfaction from seeing a piece you've worked on after publishing it. 🙂

  9. I agree with you… writing about something that you love and are passionate about… sometimes I'll take a picture or make something.. and I'm SO EXCITED to share it on my blog with my "friends".. which the commenters have become! I'm more and more writing about every day things too.. I enjoy others who write about their every day life, so I'm doing that too… I enjoy sharing it with my friends. My blog posts are too long sometimes.. and I'm always working on trying to shorten them up!

  10. these are some great tips…i love to blog about what goes on in my life most days…and most of the time, I think of another post idea before I can finish with one. I also try to add as much family history as I can, in a non-boring way, so my kids and grands will have an idea of their roots….

  11. What a stunning photo.
    Blogging is different than Facebook. More depth and that's why I like it. As a painter I am drawn to blogs which share a common interest of materials and techniques – more than ones which just post a painting with no story. And
    I enjoy a friendly, natural person who writes in a way I feel I know them.
    Blogging has been wonderful for me and to me.

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